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One Minute MSK Disease Screening

  • This is supposed to guide you to take appropriate medical opinion and check up is you are having any mentioned symptoms.
  • Adaptation of www.arthritiscare.co.in
Institute of Rheumatology and Pain - www. arthritiscare.co.in

Do you have joint pains any time during the day? 

Is the pain associated with swelling, warmth and redness over the joint involved?
  Do you have stiffness in the joints after rest, specially early in the morning?
  Is your joint pain a result of recent injury?

Do you have multiple joint involvement? 
  Does the joints involvement migrating from one joint to another? 

Is the joints involvement symmetrical in nature, like in both hands, or both feet? 
  Do have anyone in your family with a similar complaint? 
  Is your joint pain short lived and not recurring in the same joint?

Do you have back pain that increased after rest and relieved by exercise? 
  Do you have generalized feeling of sickness and major fatigue? 
  Does your joint pain occur only on certain specific activity?
  Do you have joint pain which is increased by use of the joint and relieved by rest?